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24 February 2011

New to Jquery?

First step to learn JQuery is, quickly go through following simple JQuery Tutorial

Here are few other really good resources to learn JQuery,

Here are some really good JQuery plugins

13 February 2011

What is a temporary table?

A temporary table is an object that is created and stored temporarily by SQL Server in the tempdb database. The table can be created by any user by using either the CREATE TABLE statement or SELECT…INTO statement. Temporary tables are of the following two types:

1. Local: A local temporary table is created by prefixing the table name with a single hash(#) sign. The table is visible only to the user who created it.

2. Global: A global temporary table is created by prefixing the table name with a double hash(##) sign. The table is visible to all the users who are connected to the database engine.

The syntax of creating a temporary table is as follows:
To create a local temporary table.

  •  CREATE TABLE #temporary_table ( column1 datatype, column2 datatype)
  •  SELECT * INTO #temporary_table FROM original_table
To create a global temporary table.
  • CREATE TABLE ##temporary_table (column1 datatype, column2 datatype)
  • SELECT * INTO ##temporary_table FROM original_table

06 February 2011

What is an endpoint?

In SQL Server 2005, a connection between servers is managed through an endpoint. The endpoint is an object in SQL Server 2005 through which SQL Server computers communicate with each other over the network. For database mirroring, a SQL Server computer requires a dedicated database mirroring endpoint. The database mirroring endpoint is used to communicate between the servers. It uses the TCP protocol to send and receive messages between the servers in the database mirroring sessions. Each endpoint listens on a unique TCP port number. Clients do not use the database mirroring endpoint to connect to the principal server.   

01 February 2011

What is synonym in SQL Server?

A synonym is a database object used to create aliases for database objects. It is used to hide the actual name of an object from an application connected to the database. If the object is moved to another schema or server, it does not affect the application. After the object is moved, the path of the synonym should be changed according to the path of the object to which the synonym is associated.

Syntex to create and use synonym:
  • CREATE SYNONYM synonym_name FOR object name
  • SELECT * FROM synonym_name