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24 September 2010

How to install and configure WAMP Server?

Steps to install and configure WAMP Server are given below,
  • Download free copy of WAMP Server from
  • Locate the downloaded file and double click the file to launch the installation.
  • The WAMP Setup Wizard will appear. Click Next.
  • The License Agreement screen will appear - Accept the agreement and click Next.
  • At the Select Destination Location you can change the install directory. The default is C:\wamp. We will use the default directory. Click Next.
  • Select the Start Menu Folder. We will use the default WAMP Server folder. Click Next.
  • You can set WAMP to automatically start each time Windows start. Batter to not check this option because of security issues. You should manually start your WAMP/Apache server when you need it. Click Next.
  • At the Ready to Install screen, click Next.
  • The Installing screen will appear indicating the installation process.
  • You will need to select the default root folder. This is the folder that you store your web site in. The path to the folder is C:\wamp\www. Click OK.
  • In the next step you will select your default web browser. We will have Internet Explorer as the default browser so no changes made to this screen. Click Open.
  • If necessary, check Launch WAMP now and click Finish to complete the Installation.
  • A new icon will appear in the task bar to the left of the clock. When you click the WAMP menu icon a menu will appear.
  • To start the server click Start > All Programs > WAMP Server > Start WAMP Server. Then click the WAMP Server icon in the task bar and select Start All Services.
  • If WAMP Server is not getting start, or when you click on WAMP5 Server icon in the task bar and select Localhost, if it show IIS then as IIS and Apache/ WAMP are both web server and might conflict in some way, so you have to disable IIS in order for WAMP to work
    Disabling IIS in Vista/W7: Control Panel > Uninstall Programs > Turn Widows Features On or Off > uncheck Internet Information Services
    Disabling IIS in XP: Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > uncheckInternet Information Services (IIS)
  •  Restart computer, then restart WAMP

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