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12 December 2010

How to Fix Corrupted Vista Profile?

Follow the following steps in order to recreate a user’s Vista profile when it gets corrupted.
  1. log into user’s workstation with your admin account
  2. Delete user’s local profile on C: drive under users folder
  3. Click on Start and run and type “Regedit”
  4. This will open Registry Editor Window
  5. Click on + sign besides HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  6. Click on + sign besides SOFTWARE
  7. Click on + sign besides MICROSOFT
  8. Click on + sign besides WINDOWS NT
  9. Click on + sign besides CURRENT VERSION
  10. Click on + sign besides PROFILELIST and delete the SID number points to user name in Right side Pane
  11. Close Registry Editor window.
  12. Now RDP into the Server hosting that user’s profile.
  13. Go to Profiles folder and locate the user’s windows vista profile
  14. Rename this profile folder
  15. Ask the user to login and then logoff
  16. Now copy the user’s favorites and Desktop icons from the renamed profile folder to the new profile folder
  17. Ask user to login again and this will create a new profile for the user successfully.

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