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29 November 2010

Important Linux commands for PostgreSQL

  • createdb
    createdb tmpdb -h localhost -U postgres

    Create a new PostgreSQL database 
  • createuser
    createuser ekta –s -h localhost -U postgres –P

    Create a new PostgreSQL user. Above command will create a new user ekta with the permission of superuser (-s) . And –P will prompt you for the password for new user. If we write this command without –P, it will create used which will not require password authentication
  • dropdb
    dropdb tmpdb -h localhost -U postgres

    Remove an existing PostgreSQL database
  • dropuser
    dropuser ekta -h localhost -U postgres

    Drops (removes) a PostgreSQL user
  • pg_dump
    pg_dump -h localhost -U postgres tmpdb > tmpdb.sql
    pg_dump --insert -h localhost -U postgres tmpdb > tmpdb.sql

    All above command are used to take database dump. It will extract a PostgreSQL database into a script file. --insert option is used to dump data as insert command.
  • pg_dumpall
    pg_ dumpall -h localhost -U postgres > tmpdb.sql

    Extract all PostgreSQL databases into a script file
  • psql
    psql -h localhost -U postgres

    Open PostgreSQL interactive terminal
  • vacuumdb
    vacuumdb tmpdb -h localhost -U postgres

    Clean and analyze a PostgreSQL database
Note : For information on above command check Linux help using man command, for example man pg_dump

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