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18 December 2010

Migrate Data from Access 97 to PostgreSQL

To migrate data from Access to PostgreSQL, so many tools are available online. I did try to migrate data with few tools, but no success. I encounter issues with the tables which has boolean fields and with the tables in which access date() and time() function are being used to set default value of a column.

The best way to migrate data from Access to PostgreSQL database, I found is through PostgreSQL ODBC driver. To check how to install and setup PostgreSQL ODBC driver go to Install & Setup PostgreSQL ODBC Driver . Once finished with installation and setup of PostgreSQL ODBC driver, you are ready to migrate the data.

How to migrate data from Access to PostgreSQL using PostgreSQL ODBC?
  • Open the access database, select the table, then click on file, Save As/Export, a “Save As” popup will appear, select “To an external file or database” radio button and click ok.
  • Then in the new popup for “Save as type” select “ODBC database”.
  • An Export window will appear, change the table name if required, or just click ok.
  • “Select Data Source” window will appear, select your PostgreSQL DSN, that you have created as mentioned above. And click ok.
  • Selected table will get exported to your postgres database.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much! Worked like a charm and solved a big problem for me.