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15 December 2010

Install & Setup PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

Install PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
  • Download the latest PostgreSQL 32-bit ODBC Driver by choosing a mirror from then navigating to the odbc/versions/msi/ folder. The current version is which was released Jan-22-2008.
  • Unzip
  • Run the psqlodbc.msi file
Setup PostgreSQL ODBC Driver
  • Click Start, Control Panel, then switch the control panel to “Classical View”, if it's already not in classical view or select "System and Security" category.
  • ODBC located inside Administrative Tools folder. Double click ODBC Data Sources. ODBC Data Source Administrator window displays.
  • Select File DSN tab and click Add button, select “PostgreSQL Unicode” from the popup opened.
  • Type in a name “pgCon” for "Create New Data Source” and Click Next
  • Then Click Finish and fill in relevant server, db, username and password.
  • Click the Connection button and uncheck Bools as char as shown in Manager Connection Page 1
  • Click the Page 2 button and check True is -1, and uncheck updateable cursors as shown ODBC Manager Connection Pg 2 and then click OK
  • A DSN (Data Source) with name “ pgCon ” is created and ready to use...

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